טש וטשה

Tash & tasha

A Georgian restaurant, Georgian food, meats, stews, baked goods OLD TRAIN STATION

25 years

Tash and Tasha is a modern Georgian restaurant located in a picturesque stone building in Tel aviv

Tash and Tasha in Tel Aviv - Jaffa

The lively flea in Jaffa. The owners of the restaurant, the musician Mickey Miral Tash Tash and his wife Yifat Talayevsky Miral, created a unique place where everyone feels at home - even those who grew up on Georgian culture and food and those who are simply looking for fun and a good meal. Tash and Tasha's menu offers a selection of classic Georgian pastries along with special extras that increase the original dish, as well as a selection of skewers on bare fire, traditional dishes with a creative twist and more.

Tash and Tasha - a Georgian mother in Tel Aviv - Jaffa


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Tel Aviv - Jaffa

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Offers specialties of popular Georgian flavor

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